Application Process

There are two grants that can be applied for.  They are described in more detail below.

Please keep in mind that the grant application process is competitive.  It’s important that you make your proposal thorough, accurate and clear to ensure it has the best chance of being accepted.  The Endowment Fund Trustees, including its two student members, will review all grant applications for merit and appropriateness in order to make a determination on how the funds will be distributed.

Phoenix Grant

Phoenix Grants support student-initiated projects that enrich the school and broader community. 

To apply for this grant, you must:

Endowment Grant

Endowment grants are intended to stimulate innovative and creative co-curricular, and extracurricular programs that enrich the lives of students and teachers.  They must have the potential to eventually be sustained by the schools' regular budget or through other resources.  Long term repeat funding is discouraged and such applications will receive a lower priority for each repeat application.

To apply for this grant, you must:

Grant Reflection

Please submit a Grant Reflection at the conclusion of your project to let us know what you accomplished.